Spring: The Best Part of the Entire Ski Season

Spring skiing can offer some of the best experiences, but also varying conditions as the sun warms the snow from crusty to slushy. Photo: Inge Scheve


Long days, lots of sunshine and a whole season’s worth of accumulated snow pack can bring some of the best skiing. But cold nights and long sunny days can also offer some of the most challenging waxing conditions. Enter Madshus Intelligrip, the most versatile skins known to man: monster grip and glide you’ve never experienced on skins before.


And unlike traditional skins, Madshus Intelligrip fits any ski, from the skinniest race skis to fat back country boards.


The exceptional performance is the result of combining mohair in the kick zone for grip and polyethylene, which is the same material used in the Madshus racing bases. This also helps avoid icing, a common problem with traditional skins.


The whole setup is so small it easily fits in your pocket, a drinking belt or a daypack. Madshus Intelligrip are easy to put on whenever they are needed, and work both on groomed trails as well as in the back country. And they can even be applied on top of grip wax! How smooth is that?


Madshus Intelligrip skins turn challenging wax conditions into a breeze with just a few simple grips. Photo: Madshus


Madshus Intelligrip skins – a whole new way to do skins, and rolls up to fist size for easy storage. Photo: Madshus


Madshus Intelligrip skins are so small they easily pack into a fannypack or a pocket. Perfect grip, unmatched glide, for all kinds of skis. Photo: Madshus

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Steira Aims for 2015 World Championships

Last fall, Kristin Stoermer Steira (NOR) indicated that the 2014 Sotchi Olympics might be her last major championships. The Madshus cross-country racer was considering switching to marathon running with the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as the overall goal.


But after the Sotchi Games, where Steira, who is nicknamed “the perpetual fourth,” earned a long awaited and well deserved bronze medal in the womens 30-kilomter freestyle, she reconsidered. Steira takes on another season at the World Cup level, and aims for the 2015 World Championships in Falun (SWE).


“It all comes down to whether I am motivation to do the work required to fight for medals in Falun next winter, both in terms of training and travel,” Steira says in her blog.


“The hills and the courses in Falun are challenges that motivate me and that trigger me to keep going,” she explains, adding that she loves training and traveling with the Norwegian national team.


“They are a really fun crew to be around.”


And Steira will also add a whole new dimension to altitude training this season. Today she and Canadian cross-country racer Devon Kershaw travel to Nepal to take on Mera Peak, more than 6,500 meters above sea level (21,325 feet).


Kristin Stoermer Steira (NOR) at the 2014 World Cup season finale in Falun. Photo: Felgenhauer/Nordic Focus

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Nowhere Close to Ripe for Retirement

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen just can’t imagine retirement. Not yet. There is too much passion. Too fun to race. Photo: Nordic Focus


“I’m really glad I’m not going to retire,” Ole Einar Bjoerndalen said after the last World Cup race of the 2014 season.


The 40-year-old King of Biathlon has entertained the idea, but after becoming the most winning winter Olympian to date, with a couple of gold medals from the 2014 Olympics in Sotchi just a few weeks ago, he definitely is not ready to give up his passion.


“I think that if I were to quit now, I would severely regret it,” Bjoerndalen said Sunday, after finishing the last World Cup race of the season.


On home turf. In perfect weather. Bjoerndalen signed off for the season with a fifth place, but was in contention for a podium position to the very end.


It is the passion for training and biathlon that drives the veteran. Over the course of his amazing career and more than two decades on the international circuit, he has perfected the art of peaking just at the right time, when it matters most.


“I had three goals for the season: First, I wanted to peak for the World Cup in Oberhof. And I was. Then I wanted to peak for the Olympics in Sotchi. And I was. And finally, I was hoping to peak for the World Cup final here in Holmenkollen. I didn’t quite nail that, but I’m pretty satisfied overall,” Bjoerndalen said to Aftenposten after the last race.


And while others contemplate the end of the season party, the seasoned perfectionist is already busy planning for the 2014-15 season.


“I’m going to take two weeks off in May,” Bjoerndalen says, noting that 14 days might be a record for him.

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Reichelt Wins Overall FIS Marathon Cup


Madshus racer Tom Reichelt (GER) wins the overall FIS Marathon Cup 2014. Photo: Nordic Focud


Madshus racer Tom Reichelt (GER) snags the overall FIS Marathon Cup 2014 title after the Engadin Skimarathon in Switzerland last weekend.


Reichelt finished 13th overall in the Engadin, but after winning the American Birkebeiner on February 22, he did not even need to podium in the final event in order to win the overall title.


However, Reichelt was not far off a podium finish. Stacked deep with Olympians, World Champions and marathon specialists, the top 40 racers finished within a minute of each other in the 2014 Engadin.


Top 3 men 2014 FIS Marathon Cup

1. Tom Reichelt (GER), 228 points
2. Benoit Chauvet (FRA) 223 points*
3. Martin Koukal (CZE), 223 points*


* Chauvet and Koukal both had the same amount of points for the season, but Chauvet had more top finishes than Koukal and was therefore awarded the second place.


The 2014 FIS Marathon Cup consisted of eight races, two of which were cancelled due to marginal snow conditions.


15.12.2013 FT La Sgambeda 42 km ITA
19.01.2014 FT Dolomitenlauf 60 km AUT
26.01.2014 CT Marcialonga 70 km ITA
09.02.2014 FT La Transjurassienne 57/76 km FRA
16.02.2014 CT Tartu Maraton – CANCELLED 63 km EST
22.02.2014 FT American Birkebeiner 50 km USA
01.03.2014 CT Bieg Piastow – CANCELLED 50 km POL
09.03.2014 FT Engadin Skimarathon 42 km SUI
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Bjoerndalen Commits to Two More Years

With his two gold medals from the 2014 Olympics in Sotchi, Madshus biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (NOR) became the most winning Winter Olympian to date. But the 40-year-old is hungry for more. Photo: Madshus

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (NOR) tops incredible career with a pair of Olympic gold medals, a prestigious title and being elected the next representative for the IOC Athlete Committee. But he is still hungry for more.


“The timing to retire now, after a successful Olympics in Sotchi, would be perfect. But the motivation and desire to continue is too strong,” Bjoerndalen says to Norwegian newspaper VG. “I can’t quit now.”


The 40-year-old earned two gold medals at the 2014 Olympics in Sotchi: in the opening event 10 kilometer Sprint, and in the mixed relay. He now owns a total of 13 Olympic medals: eight gold medals, four silver medals and one bronze medal. Additionally, he has earned 39 World Championship medals since his first major championship in 1995. A total of 52 medals. And now he is committing to another two years, with the World Championship 2016 on home turf in Oslo as the grand finale.


Over the course of two weeks in February, the King of Biathlon made history as he became the most winning winter Olympian to date, was elected into the IOC Athlete Committee and was voted the best male athlete of the 2014 Winter Olympics by the Association of International Sports Journalists (AIPS).


Bjoerndalen won 28 percent of the votes, and narrowly beat Russian short track skater Victor Ahn, who received 27 percent of the votes for the prestigious AIPS title. French biathlete Martin Fourcade was the second runner-up with 12 percent of the votes.


In the IOC Athlete Committee election, which took place during the 2014 Olympics in Sotchi, Bjoerndalen won by a landslide. 81 percent of the athletes who competed in the 2014 Sotchi games voted at the election, and Bjoerndalen received 1087 votes. Canadian Hayley Wickenheiser (ice hockey) was the next contender, receiving 758 votes. Both Bjoerndalen and Wickenheiser will serve an eight-year term with the IOC Athlete Committee, and they replace Beckie Scott of Canada, also a former Madshus racer, and Saku Koivu. Both Scott and Koivu have served on the committee since 2006.


“This is a huge achievement for Norwegian athletics as a whole. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has become the most winning winter Olympian in the history of the Games, and is an athlete who is sincerely passionate about sports. We are convinced that he will be a huge asset with the vast experience he brings to the committee, and he has a commitment to help develop international sports in a good direction,” says Inge Andersen, who is the secretary general of the Norwegian Athletic Association.


“When the Norwegian board of athletics decided to help promote Bjoerndalen as a candidate for the IOC Athlete Committee last fall, we did so as a commitment to further Norways ideals and values in regards to international sports as described in our mission statement. To have Bjoerndalen elected to the IOC Athlete Committee is an important step in this process,” says Børre Rognlien, who is the president of the Norwegian Athletic Assocation (NIF).


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REDLINE Dominates the Vasaloppet Podium

John Kristian Dahl (NOR) and Laila Kveli (NOR) won the 2014 Vasaloppet. Photo: Madshus

Madshus athletes clean up at the 2014 Vasaloppet with John Kristian Dahl (NOR) earning the overall men’s title and Laila Kveli (NOR) winning the overall women’s title. Additionally, Joergen Brink (SWE) was third.


The revolutionary Madshus REDLINE skis continue to dominate on the marathon circuit as well as on the World Cup.


Madshus racers have set the standard at Vasaloppet for the last and 2014 is no exception: Four of the past five years, Madshus racers have won Vasaloppet,.


Kveli won by a full minute, earning her second overall title in a row. Dahl won by about 3 seconds, polishing off the final 2 kilometers of the race at a speed that literally left the competitors in the dust. Brink was only four seconds out of first place.


Madshus Marathon team had three of the top five finishes in the men’s race, with Stanislav Rezac (CZE) finishing in fifth place, and two of the top five in the women’s race with Susanne Nystroem (SWE) in fifth place.


Madshus REDLINE redefines the industry standard. The most revolutionary performance products in Nordic skiing, designed by the best engineers and developed for those who never settle for anything less than
perfection. Madshus RED products are lighter, stronger, and faster. It’s that simple.


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Innovation leads to 17 Olympic medals

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Double Madshus Victory at the American Birkebeiner

Tom Reichelt (GER) wins the 41st American Birkie, while Simone Paredi (ITA) was 2nd and Sergio Bonaldi (ITA) was third. Photo: Worldloppet


Tom Reichelt (GER) wins the 41st American Birkebeiner, while Madshus racer Caitlin Gregg (USA) wins the women’s race.

It came down to a thriller sprint finish in the men’s 50K: Tom Reichelt crossed the line first, in at 2:14:29.9, while Simone Paredi (ITA) was 0.5 seconds behind, and Sergio Bonaldi was third, less than a second behind Reichelt. The German Madshus racer is now leading the FIS Marathon Cup 2014.

Top 3 men
1. Tom Reichelt, GER, 2:14:29.9
2. Simone Paredi, ITA, 2:14:30.4
3. Sergio Bonaldi, ITA, 2:14:30.9

In the women’s race, Caitlin Gregg was more than a minute ahead of Antonella Confortola, who finished second, and more than 2 minutes ahead of Rosie Brennan in third place.

Top 3 women
1. Caitlin Gregg, USA, 2:40:51.4
2. Antonella Confortola, ITA, 2:41:13.8
3. Rosie Brennan, USA, 2:43:02.6

Searchable results all distances

Caitlin Gregg (USA) won the women’s division in the American Birkie, while Antonella Confortola (ITA) was 2nd and Rosie Brennan was 3rd. Photo: Worldloppet


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MADSHUS SKI FESTIVAL 16.- 23. februar 2014. Velkommen til dager med ski og glede!





Madshus Skimaraton

Sted: Raufoss Idrettspark – Øverby, 42 km

Aktive klasser fra kl.10.00, trimklasse kl. 10.30 Arr:   Gjøvik Skiklubb, Raufoss IL Langrenn,

Øvre Vardal Sportsklubb

Madshus Stuttmaraton

Startsted: Øvre Vardal Idrettsplass fra kl. 12.30. Kun trimklasse.

Arr:   Gjøvik Skiklubb, Raufoss IL Langrenn, Øvre Vardal Sportsklubb





Madshus Skiskyting   Sted:  ØTS-skisenter Karidalen Arr:    Østre Toten Skilag




Madshusstafetten (F) Sted:  Vind Idrettspark Arr:  Vind IL




Invitasjon Til Fagdag

For alle som jobber med, eller er engasjert i tilpasset fysisk aktivitet

Tema: ”Inspirasjon og Motivasjon”

Sted:  Gjøvik Frivilligsentral avd. Øverby kl. 14.00 – 16.00 Arr:    Seksjon tilrettelagte kulturtilbud v/Siri Syvrud og Solvor Sandmark.




Ski For Alle – Stor Vinteraktivitetsdag

Sted: Øverby Helsesportsenter kl. 11.00 – 14.00 Arr:   Gjøvik kommune Kultur, Gjøvik Frivilligsentral

avd. Øverby, Friskus IL, Mental Helse Gjøvik, Gjøvik og Omegn Modellflyklubb




Madshussprinten (K)

KM Sprint for Oppland krets.

Sted:   Biri Idrettspark Arr:    Biri IL

Barnas Madshusdag på Gjøvik Gård

Mange aktiviteter for barn fra kl. 12.00. Alle barn som deltar får varm saft fra kaféen. Sted: Gjøvik gård

Arr:   Gjøvik kommune Kultur, Drengestua Kafé og Gjøvik Gårds Venneforening

Åpent i Drengestua Kafé fra kl. 11.00 – 16.00




Madshusrennet (F)

Sted:  Øverby idrettspark kl. 11.00 Arr:   Redalen IL

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Feirer skiglede i over ei uke

Madshus Skimaraton er første arrangement i Madshus Skifestival 2014. Foto: Madshus

Madshus Skifestival frister med varierte skiarrangementer for både store og små, bredde og elite, i åtte dager til ende. Det hele åpner med Madshus skimaraton og stuttmaraton allerede på søndag.


Madshus skimaraton byr på 42km i klassisk stil gjennom herlig terreng fra Raufoss til Øverby, og med seedingsstatus til Birkebeinerrennet. Det kjøres både aktive klasser og trimklasse. Stuttmaratonet er for trimmerne, og byr på en kortere løype for de som syns 42km er drøyt.


Variert program og tilbud til alle

Onsdag er det duket for skiskyting i Karidalen.


Torsdag kjøres den populære Madshusstafetten på Vind stadion, som normalt trekker 500 til 600 løpere på en helt vanlig ukedagskveld.


Fredag arrangeres Ski for Alle, som er en aktivitetsdag i samarbeid med blant annet Mental Helse og Gjøvik kommune, Gjøvik frivillighetssentral og de lokale idrettslagene. Aktivitetsdagen er et tilbud blant annet til psykisk utviklingshemmede og andre som ikke har så lett for å komme seg ut på ski på egenhånd. Samme dag inviteres det også til fagseminar om tilpasset fysisk aktivitet på Gjøvik Frivillighetssentral.


Lørdag kjøres Barnas Skidag på Gjøvik gård, og Madshussprinten. Madshussprinten er i år også kretsmesterskap i sprint for Oppland skikrets.


Og søndag avsluttes festivalen med Madshusrennet i fristil, som også er et kretsrenn med normale distanser for aldersbestemte klasser.


Viktig for Madshus og regionen

Madshus Skimaraton er altså første arrangement i festivalen, som ble etablert i forbindelse med skifabrikkens 100-årsjubiluem i 2006. Siden den tid har festivalen slått rot, og mange av arrangementene trekker mange hundre deltakere.


– Madshus Skimaraton har vært en kjempesuksess helt siden starten, forteller Tommy Evenrud på Madshus, som er stolt av at skifabrikken sponser hele festivaluka.


– Det er viktig for lokale løpere og klubbene her, og det er viktig for å vise at vi bryr oss om den lokale tilknytningen vi har, sier Evenrud til SkiAktiv.no.


– Det er viktig for Madshus å vise vårt engasjement, det er viktig for regionen, og det er viktig for oss å legge til rette for aktiviteter med dem, sier Evenrud ivrig.


Madshus Skifestival byr på arrangementer for alle, store og små, bredde og elite. Foto: Inge Schev

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