Podiums Across the Board


Oeystein Pettersen (NOR) went straight to the podium in the first marathon of the 2014-15 Ski Classics season. Photo: Ski Classics


Five World Cup podiums, two podiums in the first Ski Classics distance and the fastest finish times in the Ski Classics time trial – not a bad weekend for Madshus athletes.


First, Tore Berdahl and Johan Kjoelstad delivered the fastest times in the Ski Classics Pro Team Tempo team time trial in Livigno, Italy, on Saturday. The event is a brand new format in the Ski Classics, and although 15km is hardly a marathon, it allows the pro team racers to show off their colors, collect valuable points toward the overall race series, and set the order for the first marathon event in the 2014-15 Ski Classics, the 35km La Sgambeda Classic on Sunday.


The Madshus marathon racers continued to impress in the Ski Classics on Sunday. Johan Kjoelstad (NOR) and Oeystein Pettersen (NOR) snagged two of the three spots on the podium in the 35km La Sgambeda classic race. Kjoelstad and Pettersen finished within half a second of each other, in second and third place respectively.


After the first Ski Classics weekend, Kjoelstad is now second overall in the Ski Classics Champion competition, while Pettersen is second in the overall Ski Classics Sprint Champion competition and third in the Ski Classics Champion competition.


The next race in the ski classics is Jizerska Padesatka on January 11.

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Didrik Toenseth posted his best WC finish to date in the 15km classic on Saturday. Photo: Nordic Focus


On the cross-country World Cup in Davos, Didrik Toenseth (NOR) finished second in the 15km classic race on Saturday, just a hop and a skip down the road from the Ski Classics action in Livigno. This is Toenseth’s top World Cup result to date.


“My plan was to ski three even laps. I tried to keep the same pace. I thought that the course here would not fit me because I like steeper uphills,” Toenseth said to the FIS after the race.


The 23-year-old has been on a rally since the season started, and hopes to carry the momentum into the World Championships in Falun later this winter.


Read more about Toenseth’s season opener 


With strong performances since the World Cup started in the end of November, Toenseth is now second in the FIS Distance World Cup, and third in the FIS overall World Cup.


On Sunday, Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR) bagged her very first World Cup victory when she won the sprint in Davos (SUI) after having dominated both the qualifier and every heat through the final.


Read more about Oestberg’s first World Cup victory


With the victory in Davos, Oestberg is now second in the FIS Distance World Cup, and third in the FIS overall World Cup.


The World Cup continues with further races in Davos on Dec 20-21.

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Timofey Lapshin helped Russia to victory in the IBU World Cup relay. Photo: Nordic Focus


Also, in the IBU Biathlon World Cup Madshus racers secured both first and third place in the men’s relay in Hochfilzen on Saturday. Timofey Lapshin and Maxim Tsvetkov helped Russia to victory, while Emil Hegle Svendsen helped Norway to third place in the 4×7.5km relay.


Finally, Madshus biathlete Anais Bescond (FRA) was third in the women’s pursuit at the World Cup in Hochfilzen on Sunday.


The IBU World Cup now moves to Pokljuka December 18-21.

Anais Bescond (FRA) was third in the IBU World Cup pursuit on Sunday. Photo: Nordic Focus



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I Love Winning Ski Races



Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg won her first individual World Cup in Davos on December 14, 2014. Photo: Rauschendorfer/Nordic Focus


Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR) earned her first individual World Cup victory after dominating the event from the qualifier to the final.


“This is unbelievable! I’ve worked hard for this. I’ve been so close several times, but today I felt strong the whole way,” Oestberg said after winning the final with an impressive margin. From the last turn to the finish line, she surged and created a huge gap to second place.


“This was really fun. It was so rewarding. I love winning ski races, but I don’t win ski races all that often. Today I felt strong the whole way,” said Oestberg, who has placed fourth and just shy of the podium several times the last few weeks.


The skate sprint in Davos today was Oestberg’s first individual World Cup victory. Last year, she won a stage in the Tour de Ski, and at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, she won the team sprint and the silver medal in the individual sprint. She also has two World Cup victories in the team sprint.


“I’m very happy for the victory. I have been working for this so long, and it is a great feeling. I felt strong from the prologue, and my plan was to ski in front and push hard from the beginning,” Oestberg said to FIS after the race.



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Long-Distance Season Openers on the Dock



John Kristian Dahl (NOR) won the Vasaloppet 2014, and is back to defend his title this season. Photo: Madshus


There are three races in in Livigno, Italy, this weekend: in addition to the 42-kilometer skate on Friday, which is the FIS Marathon Cup opener, the Ski Classics also kicks off this weekend with a 15-kilometer and the 35k classic on Sunday.


Madshus racers have dominated the Ski Classics for years, and the 2014 Ski Classics overall was won by Madshus racer Johan Kjølstad, with John Kristian Dahl (Madshus) second and also winner of the Ski Classics sprint jersey as well as Vasaloppet, the most prestigious long-distance race in the world. They are both back to defend their titles this season. Other Madshus Marathon Team racers include Jörgen Brink (SWE), Fredrik Byström (SWE), Markus Ottosson (SWE) and Sara Lindborg (SWE), as well as cross-country skiing’s grand old man Thomas Alsgaard (NOR).


Including the World Cup racers
Scheduling FIS Marathon Cup La Sgambeda 42km skate race for the day before the World Cup in Davos, Switzerland, on Saturday and Sunday allows World Cup racers to race La Sgambeda, as Davos is literally within spitting distance of Livigno. Accordingly, several World Cup skiers are also entered for the race this year.


Livigno, normally known as having snow from early November on, had to work hard last year to put the course together as snow was rare. However, this year it seems that all should be in perfect conditions. Many skiers and teams from around the world have been training in the valley the last weeks, and report ideal training conditions.


Next Ski Classics race: Jizerská Padesátka in Bedrichov (CZE)
on Sunday, January 11, featuring 50 kilometers in classic technique.


Next FIS Marathon Cup: Dolomitenlauf, Austria, on January 18, featuring 42 kilometers in free technique.


For the Ski Classic, the La Sgambeda and ProTeam Tempo in Italy are new events on the race schedule, and with the addition of La Diagonela in January, the Ski Classics schedule is expanded from six to nine races.


For the FIS Marathon Cup the La Sgambeda kick-off is a tradition. But also the FIS Marathon Cup has an expanded schedule. This season, the FIS Marathon Cup consists of nine races total, with a new final in Russia: The Ugra Ski Marathon 50K skate in Khanty Mansisk, Siberia, caps the 2014-15 FIS Marathon Cup. Khanty Mansisk is best known for its Biathlon World Cups and World Championships.


Ski Classics 2014/2015 Calendar

Event 1: 
Ski Classics Prologue – ProTeam Tempo, 
Livigno (ITA) Saturday December 13, 2014
- 15km Classic Technique
Event 2:
 La Sgambeda, 
Livigno (ITA)
 Sunday December 14, 2014
- 35km Classic Technique
Event 3:
 Jizerská Padesátka,
 Bedrichov (CZE)
 Sunday January 11, 2015
- 50km Classic Technique
Event 4:
La Diagonela,
 St Moritz, Engadin (SUI)
 Saturday January 17, 2015
- 65km, Classic Technique
Event 5: Marcialonga, 
Cavalese, Val di Fiemme (ITA) 
Sunday January 25th, 2015
- 70km, Classic Technique
Event 6: 
König Ludwig Lauf,
 Oberammergau, Bavaria (GER)
 Sunday February 1, 2015
- 50km, Classic Technique
Event 7:
 Mora, Dalarna (SWE) 
Sunday March 8th, 2015 - 90km, Classic Technique
Event 8:
Lillehammer (NOR) 
Saturday March 21, 2015
- 54km, Classic Technique
Event 9: Ski Classics Final, 
 Åre (SWE)
 Saturday March 28, 2015
- 75km, Classic Technique


FIS Marathon Cup 2014/2015 calendar

Event 1: 
La Sgambeda,
Italy, Friday December 12, 2014
- 42km Free Technique
Event 2:
January 18, 2015
- 60km Free Technique
Event 3:
Cavalese, Val di Fiemme (ITA)
Sunday January 25th, 2015
- 70km, Classic Technique
Event 4:
La Transjurassienne,
France, February 7, 2015
- 56km, Classic Technique
Event 5: Tartu Marathon,
February 15th, 2015
- 63km, Classic Technique
Event 6:
American Birkebeiner, USA, February 21, 2015
- 50km, Free Technique
Event 7:
Bieg Piastow,
 February 28th, 2015 - 50km, Classic Technique
Event 8:
Egadin Skimarathon,
Switzerland, March 8, 2015
- 42km, Free Technique
Event 9: Ugra Ski Marathon,
Russia, April 11, 2015
- 50km, Free Technique




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Six Podiums and WC Lead


Biathlete Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR) pulled into third place in the WC pursuit in Östersund (SWE) on Sunday, and remains in the yellow WC leader bib. Photo: Nordic Focus


The biathlon World Cup season opener left Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR) with one victory and a third place in Östersund (SWE), while the cross-country skiers were on the podium every day during the World Cup mini-tour in Lillehammer (NOR).


Emil Hegle Svendsen shows that he’s back on track this season, opening his World Cup season with winning the 20km individual competition in Östersund (SWE) on December 3. Svendsen was the only racer to nail every single shot at the range, and creamed his competitors. On Sunday, he was back on the podium finishing third in the pursuit.


“This venue has pretty challenging courses, with long uphills, and only a little bit of recovery on the descents. The entry to the range is fairly easy, but the conditions at the range are often challenging,” Svendsen said to Norwegian TV station NRK.


“These courses have proven to suit me well,” said Svendsen who now leads the overall biathlon World Cup.
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Heidi Weng (NOR) was on the podium three days in a row during the World Cup mini tour in Lillehammer this weekend. Photo: Nordic Focus


In the FIS cross-country mini-tour in Lillehammer, Madshus racers Pål Golberg (NOR) and Heidi Weng (NOR) opened the show with two podiums: Golberg won the men’s classic sprint and Weng was third in the women’s sprint.


On Saturday, Weng continued with another strong third place in the women’s 5km skate race, before capping her weekend with yet another third place in the women’s 10km classic pursuit.


Furthermore, Didrik Tønseth (NOR) had the fastest time in the men’s 15km pursuit on Sunday. Heidi Weng had the second fastest time in the women’s 10km pursuit. After this weekend, both Golberg and Weng is now third in the overall World Cup.


This week, the biathletes move on to the second World Cup round, which takes place in Hochpfilzen (AUT), while the cross-country skiers travel to Davos (SUI) for their next World Cup races.



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Golberg Wins the WC Sprint


Pål Golberg won the WC sprint in Lillehammer. Photo: Nordic Focus


Pål Golberg (NOR) hauls into a screaming victory in the men’s sprint race at Lillehammer Friday, beating Alexey Petuhkov (RUS) and Finn Hågen Krogh (NOR) on the line.


“These are the kinds of days that you live for,” the soft-spoken Norwegian said to media after the race.


“I knew I had decent glide. My skis were so good that they pretty much did the job for me,” Golberg said to Norwegian TV station NRK after the race.


Prior to the Friday skate sprint, Golberg said that he would like to do a repeat of last year this weekend, meaning he wanted to win a race. So he simply took care of that task at the first opportunity.


Lillehammer is a special venue for the 24-year-old. Last year, he won his first ever World Cup at the same event, the FIS December mini-tour in Lillehammer. That was the 15km classic race. The December mini-tour in Lillehammer is a scheduled FIS event through the 2017 season, and it’s safe to assume that Golberg likes that part of the World Cup schedule. “It’s always important to win ski races,” he said with a smile after the race.


Not only is the Lillehammer mini-tour in front of a home crowd, it’s also Golberg’s home turf: He graduated from the NTG Lillehammer ski academy, and knows these courses practically like the back of his hand.



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Svendsen Has a Lot More to Offer


Emil Hegle Svendsen crushed his competitors at the first individual World Cup in Östersund (SWE) this week. Photo: Nordic Focus


Madshus biathlete Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR) crushed his competitors in the first individual World Cup race of the season.


Svendsen shot clean in the 20km race, the only one to do so among more than 100 racers, and won by 1 minute and 17 seconds to collect his 37th World Cup victory.


Svendsen was unbeatable at the range, and had the sixth fastest time on the course. Now he is aiming to top that at the sprint race on Saturday, explaining that he generally needs a couple of races to get the skiing all dialed in.


“I have a lot more to offer. I don’t really nail the timing for the skating, and I don’t quite find the flow on the uphill. So there are still a lot to work on,” Svendsen says to Norwegian TV station NRK.


But at the range Svendsen is fully on track.


“I have developed some good routines at the range, which work very well for me,” he says.


The men’s World Cup sprint is the next event for Svendsen, scheduled for Saturday December 6 at 11:30 CET in Östersund (SWE).



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Separating the Men From the Mice



Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR) loves the Östersund courses. Photo: Manzoni/Nordic Focus


Tomorrow’s biathlon competitions are the first individual World Cup races of the season, and the Östersund, Sweden, courses are tougher than most.


With the opening mixed relay under their belt, the biathletes are headed into their first individual World Cup races of the season, starting with the men’s 20 kilometer on Wednesday, December 3.


Madshus racer Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR) just announced that he is planning to race every World Cup race this season. But he is particularly excited about the World Cup opener in Östersund, Sweden. The 28-year-old, who has five Olympic medals, 11 World Championship titles as well as four silver medals and two bronze medals from the World Championships, is determined to dominate the podium, and loves the courses in Östersund.


“This venue has pretty challenging courses, long uphills, and only a little bit of recovery on the descents. The entry to the range is fairly easy, but the conditions at the range are often challenging,” Svendsen says to Norwegian TV station NRK.


While the Östersund courses ski well, they definitely separate the men from the mice, Svendsen explains.


“These courses have proven to suit me well in the past,” Svendsen grins.

Program World Cup 1 Östersund, Sweden (November 30 – December 7)

Sunday November 30: Mixed 2×6+2×7.5 km relay
Wednesday, December 3: Men 20 km
Thursday, December 4: Women 15 km
Saturday, December 6: Men 10 km Sprint
Saturday, December 6: Women 7.5 km Sprint
Sunday, December 7: Men 12.5 km pursuit
Sunday, December 7: Women 10 km pursuit


Complete schedules, start lists and results


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Strong WC Opener for the Madshus Skiers


Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR) skied into a strong 5th place in the 10km classic. Photo: Nordic Focus

Three women among the top 10 and three men in the top 11 at the World Cup opener in Kuusamo (FIN) this weekend: Madshus racers are off to a good start to the season and looking promising for the World Cup mini-tour in Lillehammer (NOR) next weekend.

Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR) was fifth in the women’s 10km classic at the World Cup opener in Finland Sunday. She delivered a strong distance race after placing fourth in the classic sprint Saturday, a race she dominated right up until the final heat. Krista Parmakoski (FIN) – formerly Laehteenmaeki, was seventh, and Heidi Weng (NOR) was eighth in the 10km classic mass start event.


Complete results women


In the men’s 15km classic, Madshus racer Alexander Bessmerthnyk (RUS) was fifth, Paal Golberg (NOR) was ninth and Didrik Toenseth (NOR) was eleventh.


Complete results men


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Top Racers Switch to Madshus Boots


The Super Nano is gathering traction on the World Cup. Photo: Madshus.com


A whole slew of Olympians and World Cup skiers have made the switch to Madshus boots for this season: Cross-country skiers Heidi Weng, Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg, Kristin Stoermer Steira, Paal Golberg and Didrik Toenseth have joined the ranks of the world’s most winning winter athlete in history, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, and multiple biathlon World Champion Emil Hegle Svendsen.


“These athletes all race on Madshus skis already, but have chosen to switch to Madshus boots as well. For us at Madshus, the best stamp of approval for our innovation and quality is that the top athletes in the world choose to race on our equipment,” says Per Wiik, Global Marketing Director at Madshus AS in Biri, Norway.


“We are committed to building the best Nordic equipment in the world,” says Wiik.


Emil Hegle Svendsen, who has been a part of the Super Nano boot project since the beginning, is confident that the Super Nano boot is a major part of his success.


“The revolution came several years ago, when I tested the first prototype of these Super Nano boots for the first time. It’s amazing what speeds you can drive in this boot, and it makes me confident and comfortable that I am in a really great position in my choice of products for the coming years,” Svendsen says about the boots.


“Since then, these boots have helped me to four medals at the World Championships and numerous World Cup podiums,” he says.


The Super Nano boot has 47 percent more torsional stiffness, 10 percent stiffer forward flex, and features 3D molded integrated carbon base for power transfer without wasting any energy, unparalleled stability and maximum speed.


See them in action on the World Cup starting in Ruka (FIN) this weekend!


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It’s World Cup Time!


Madshus cross-country skier Heidi Weng (NOR) is ready for the World Cup opener i Finland this weekend. Photo: Nordic Focus


This weekend marks the start of the 2014-15 World Cup season for cross-country, Nordic combined and biathlon, featuring opening races in Finland and Sweden, respectively.


The FIS Cross-Country World Cup opens in Ruka, Finland, with classic sprint races for men and women on Saturday, and continues with classic 10km and 15km races for women and men respectively on Sunday.


Check out the national team rosters 


Complete results can be found after the events on the FIS web site


The Nordic Combined World Cup also takes place in Ruka, Finland, and gets underway with qualifications on the hill on Thursday, November 27. Friday features provisional competition, Saturday the athletes will go to the ski jumping hill in the late morning and race the 10km Gundersen format cross-country competition in the afternoon. Finally, the Nordic Combined World Cup opener concludes with the team competition on Sunday.


Complete results for Nordic combined can be found after the events on the FIS web site


The biathletes will gather in Östersund, Sweden, for an entire week of IBU World Cup competitions, starting with mixed relays on Sunday, November 30. On December 3, the racing continues with 20km individual competition for men, followed by the women’s 15km individual competition on December 4. On Saturday December 6, both men’s and women’s sprint races are on the schedule, before the first World Cup concludes with pursuit races for both men and women on Sunday December 7.


Madshus racers are eager to get started with the international race season, including all-time most winning biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (NOR), who opened his season with winning the mass start at the Norwegian national season opener two weeks ago – with a field that was worthy of a World Cup.


For complete schedules, start lists and results, please visit the IBU home page.


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