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Summer Care for Skis

Take care of your skis now and you will be ready to rock and roll when the snow flies next fall! Photo: Inge Scheve

It’s May, we have officially entered the 2015-16 training year and it’s dryland season. You have probably put away your skis for the season, but did you prepare them for a summer in storage and a new winter come fall? Make sure your skis are every bit as fast and good as they were for […]

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It All Comes Down to the Wire

The Ugra Ski Marathon 2014. Photo:

The Ugra Ski Marathon in Siberia on Saturday is the last race in the 2015 FIS Marathon Cup, and nothing is decided in the overall cup. In the women’s field, it’s particularly tight. The top three racers prior to the Ugra Ski Marathon can all claim the overall 2015 FIS Marathon Cup title. With one […]

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Help End Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month all over the world. However, at Madshus, we fight for a cure every day of the year. K2 has donated $50,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Pink Ribbon) every year since 2002.  As a member of the K2 Sports family, Madshus is a part of the quest to end breast […]

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A Flying Start to 2013

What a start to the 2013 racing season! Team Madshus athletes are posting World Cup victories and podium finishes across the board – Nordic combines, biathlon and cross-country skiing – and have delivered more than 30 World Cup podiums just this season.   Based on the first part of the season, there is a lot […]

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Marathons: Prep your race skis before you leave

You save a lot of time and headache by preparing both your skis and your mind for the course, and several steps can be done even before departing. “Do as much as you can before you leave home,” says Jan Erik Berger, a wax tech who has worked both with the Norwegian national teams and […]

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Inside Madshus Racing Service

The Madshus Racing Service crew supports all the Madshus contract racers. But at the end of the day, the efforts of the racing crew benefit citizen racers and recreational skiers as well as the elite. While the national teams take care of the race day waxing and tuning for all their racers, Stian Grønås and […]

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New Race Formats in Nordic Combined

Starting this season, the FIS Nordic Combined schedule will include three new race formats, where the “penalty race” introduces a whole new race concept to the sport, borrowing penalty lap element from biathlon and doing away with judging. In the new penalty race, skiers do one jump, and there will be no style judging in […]

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