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Stepping up for the Future

Madshus partners with NSFs new project SNOW. Photo: Ian Coble

Madshus is partnering with the Norwegian Ski Association to roll out project “Snow.” Madshus er utstyrsleverandør til Norges Skiforbunds nye prosjekt: Snø. Grasrottiltaket Snø skal bidra til at barn får et godt utgangspunkt for skiglede gjennom lek og aktiviteter på ski, i regi av skolen. Dette er visjonen for Snø: Alle barn skal få muligheten til […]

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6 World Championship Medals

17.02.2017, Hochfilzen, Austria (AUT):
Vanessa Hinz (GER) - IBU world championships biathlon, medals, Hochfilzen (AUT). © NordicFocus. Every downloaded picture is fee-liable.

Madshus athletes took home three gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze from the IBU World Championships in Hochfilzen. Germany opened the 2017 IBU Biathlon World Championships in Hochflizen (AUT) on the top of the podium as Vanessa Hinz helped Germany to gold in the mixed relay on February 9. Next, Benedikt Doll (GER) […]

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“First place feels really special”

Benedikt Doll (GER) won the 10km sprint at the IBU world championships in Hochfilzen (AUT) - hist 1st individual World Championship medal. Photo: Nordic Focus

Benedikt Doll earns his first World Championship gold medal, while Ole Einar Bjørndalen collects his 45th medal. Germany opened the 2017 IBU Biathlon World Championships in Hochflizen (AUT) on the top of the podium as Vanessa Hinz helped Germany to gold in the mixed relay, the first event at the championships. Story continues below First […]

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The Longest Toe

Håvard Solås Taugbøl (NOR) had the longest toe at the Norwegian National Championships relay on Sunday and anchored Lillehammer to bronze. Here from the World Cup in Falun (SWE) on January 28. Photo: Nordic Focus

…belongs to Håvard Taugbøl (NOR), while the younger crew collected hardware at the FIS U23 and Junior World Championships. Håvard Solås Taugbøl skied onto the Lahti (FIN) World Championships team with strong performances at the Norwegian National Championships this weekend. While the Lahti World Championships team was announced after the Norwegian National Championships skiathlon events […]

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Redline Redefines the Race

  Stian Hoelgaard, who has been on the podium consistently for years and currently leads the overall Ski Classics youth competition, has one ultimate career goal: to win Vasaloppet. “Vasaloppet is the hairiest race on the schedule. It’s the biggest ski race in the world. It’s 90 kilometers and everyone starts on the same starting […]

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Still time to sign up for Vasaloppet

Vasaloppet already has more than 60,000 skiers signed up for the 2017 winter festival. Photo: Vasaloppet

  More than 60,000 skiers are signed up for the 2017 Vasaloppet winter festival – are you? Last year the Vasaloppet winter week had 68,024 participants between the nine different events: Kortvasan 30km, TjejVasan 30km (women only), Ungdomsvasan 3km/5km/7km/9km, Öppet Spår 90km (Sunday and Monday), Halvvasan 45km, Stafettvasan 90km (relay) and Vasaloppet 90km. This year, […]

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The Queen of the Monster Hill

08.01.2017, Val di Fiemme, Italy (ITA):
Heidi Weng (NOR) - FIS world cup cross-country, tour de ski, final climb women, Val di Fiemme (ITA). © Modica/NordicFocus. Every downloaded picture is fee-liable.

Starting the final stage of the 2017 Tour de Ski 20 seconds behind the overall leader, Heidi Weng (NOR) was on a mission. There was never a question who was the queen of the monster hill in Val di Fiemme: Heidi Weng made her move at the base of the hill, parked her competition and […]

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Plastering the Tour Podium

Madshus dominated the Tour de Ski podium in Val Mustair (SUI) after the 5km classic mass start race:
Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (center) won, with Heidi Weng (left) in 2nd place and Krista Pärmäkoski (FIN) in 3rd place. Photo: Nordic Focus

After two stages, Madshus racers are dominating the 2017 Tour de Ski. The 9-day stage race competition opened with sprint races in Val Müstair (SUI) on New Years Eve, where Heidi Weng (NOR) snagged third place, despite having a rough day. “To be third in a skate sprint is a great success for me. My […]

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Tour Stars

The 2017 FIS Tour de Ski starts on New Years Eve: Get ready for nine days of racing excitement. The Tour opens with skate sprint races for men and women in Val Mustair (SUI), and concludes on January 8 with the 9-kilometer skate pursuit up Alpe Cermis in Val di Fiemme (ITA), also known as “the […]

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Care for new skis

New skis are ready to use straight from the box, but some extra care can make them even better. Photo: Simona Adelwart/Madshus

So you got new skis for Christmas: Now what? While new skis are ready to be enjoyed right out of the box, a helping of TLC will make them race ready. Here is how to make sure you get the most out of your new equipment. Start by cleaning the skis well as even brand-new […]

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