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The Skin Revolution

The new Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip Classic ski features a brand new, innovative skin made from mohair and nylon in the kick zone, eliminating the need for traditional kick wax while still maintaining exceptional glide - and makes classic skiing easy as pie.

Forget everything you thought you knew about wax-less skis. Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip Classic redefines the industry. Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip Classic make classic skiing easy as pie, and perform well enough for 150th place overall at the Vasaloppet, an event that attracts 15800 participants every year. But more important: The Terrasonic IntelliGrip Classic lets you spend ess […]

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Raising the Boot Bar

Shatter records and redefine what’s possible. Enter the Super Nano all carbon boot. Waste no effort. Make every push count. “The speed you can drive with this boot really amazes me,” says Emil Hegle Svendsen. The Norwegian biathlete points out that the Nano Carbon boot’s track record with him is solid: Half a dozen World […]

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Meet the REDLINE Family

We built the REDLINE products to give athletes the confidence to shatter records on courses all over the world. With specifically designed constructions and unique base materials to tackle cold and warm conditions, and now in a junior-specific model, the REDLINE skis deliver World Cup level performance for all ages. REDLINE skis and boots are […]

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Dialing the Details

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (NOR) is happy to help out with equipment testing. Photo: Per Wiik/Madshus

Every June, the Madshus service crew spends weeks on the snow at Sognefjellet (NOR) fine-tuning the gear for optimal performance. This week, the Madshus service techs have worked with the Norwegian national cross-country team, next week the biathletes arrive. The idea is that the national wax teams have a chance to learn the properties of […]

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Testing – testing!

Spring skiing at Beitostoelen. Photo: Stefano Zatta/Madshus

Madshus athletes and engineers are taking advantage of the late season snow to fine-tune the gear for the 2016 season and experiment with some brand new concept ideas. Last week engineers from both the factory in Biri, Norway, and the K2 corporate headquarters in Seattle, USA, gathered at Beitostoelen in Norway to test all the […]

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Spring: The Best of the Season

Spring is a great time for exploring terrain that might not be open other times o the year, such as Ottlaugkampen in Rendalen, Norway. Photo: Inge Scheve

Long days, lots of sunshine and a whole season’s worth of accumulated snow pack can bring some of the best skiing – time to explore! Head for the hills and the mountains, and roam terrain that might not be open other times of the year. Spring offers some of the most magnificent skiing opportunities. But […]

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The Battle of Vasaloppet

  After completely plastering the podium in Vasaloppet 2014, the Madshus marathon racing team is to the overall victory in a race field that will be stronger than ever.   Last year’s podium was entirely occupied by Madshus racers: John Kristian Dahl (NOR) of Team United Bakeries won the race in 4:14:33, three seconds ahead […]

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Prepping Brand New Skis

    So you got new skis? Congrats – and now what to do to make them as good as possible. We recommend the following drill.   Brand new skis need a good helping of TLC before they are race ready. It’s time to get to work, but perfect bases is not rocket science.   […]

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Top Racers Switch to Madshus Boots

    A whole slew of Olympians and World Cup skiers have made the switch to Madshus boots for this season: Cross-country skiers Heidi Weng, Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg, Kristin Stoermer Steira, Paal Golberg and Didrik Toenseth have joined the ranks of the world’s most winning winter athlete in history, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, and multiple biathlon […]

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Spring: The Best Part of the Entire Ski Season

  Long days, lots of sunshine and a whole season’s worth of accumulated snow pack can bring some of the best skiing. But cold nights and long sunny days can also offer some of the most challenging waxing conditions. Enter Madshus Intelligrip, the most versatile skins known to man: monster grip and glide you’ve never […]

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