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Top Racers Switch to Madshus Boots

    A whole slew of Olympians and World Cup skiers have made the switch to Madshus boots for this season: Cross-country skiers Heidi Weng, Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg, Kristin Stoermer Steira, Paal Golberg and Didrik Toenseth have joined the ranks of the world’s most winning winter athlete in history, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, and multiple biathlon […]

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Spring: The Best Part of the Entire Ski Season

  Long days, lots of sunshine and a whole season’s worth of accumulated snow pack can bring some of the best skiing. But cold nights and long sunny days can also offer some of the most challenging waxing conditions. Enter Madshus Intelligrip, the most versatile skins known to man: monster grip and glide you’ve never […]

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Next season has already started

  For the Madshus service crew, the 2014 season started before the snow melted from the factory roof. By the end of June, all World Cup skis need to be selected, the summer snow camps start next week, and Madshus service rep Stian Groenaas is knee-deep in skis, grinds and testing. But the jovial Norwegian […]

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Gear up for Spring Skiing

Spring skiing is some of the best there is, and its even better when youre well prepared. But with spring conditions come changing temperatures and variable snow conditions. Enter Madshus Intelligrip.   These innovative skins provide killer grip and unparalleled glide in any kind of terrain. And unlike traditional skins, Madshus Intelligrip fits any ski, […]

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Establishing a new industry standard

While the new Madshus RED product category has been quietly launched on the World Cup, ISPO is the global launch party for our revolutionary new product line. (See product images below) “Race” and “compromise” should never appear in the same sentence. Not even on the same page. That’s why we developed the Madshus RED category […]

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Choosing the Right Race Skis – Part 3: Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

When you’ve arrived on your skis and they’re out of the box, then what? Theoretically, there is nothing else you have to do but go ski and tear up the trails. However, there are still a few more tricks in the box that help you get even more from your skis. The NIS plate on […]

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Choosing the Right Race Skis – part 2: Flex and Splay

The right flex for your weight and technique as well as the correct splay for the conditions are critical factors for performance. Finding those skis shouldn’t be like looking for a needle in a haystack. As the selection and properties of race skis evolve, trends and techniques for picking skis change. But it should be […]

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Choosing the Right Race Skis – Part 1

Perfect race skis are the sum of construction and geometry, premium materials and careful selection. First, let’s look at what makes a good race ski. Madshus racing skis are the tangible result of innovative engineering, years of product development, researched and selected materials, and a carefully controlled and monitored manufacturing process. Even the machines in […]

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Treat Your Poles with Care

Racing poles are delicate pieces of equipment, and should be treated as such. Something to keep in mind when you’re standing in the track banging your brand new top of the line carbon race poles against your bottom of boots to get the sticky snow out of the grooves. Don’t. While they are designed to […]

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Straps: Poles are More Than Just a Lightweight Shaft

Pole straps have come a long way, and the devil is in the details. Over the past few years, the pole strap is one area where the almost all the manufacturers have improved. There is a lot of research going into choosing materials for the strap, such as moldable foams that adapt to the shape […]

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