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How to Determine Correct Pole Length

Pole length is a topic that generates hours of discussions among skiers. There are some general guidelines and rules of thumb, as well as charts from the various manufacturers. But there are several factors that complicate the matter, such as technique, proficiency and individual preferences. And of course, length depends on whether the poles are […]

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Bjoerndalen Back in Business

The king of biathlon, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (NOR, Madshus), is back in shape. This weekend, Bjoerndalen won the pursuit at the Norwegian summer nationals in Holmenkollen by 2.5 minutes. Bjoerndalen delivered a solid race on Saturday, and continued with an impressive performance on Sunday. With only one missed target, nobody was close to the King. […]

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Birkebeiner,Vasaloppet and IEC in Sports form Ski Classics AB

Ski Classics has been turned into a joint stock company. “This is an important step in developing Ski Classics in the right direction,” says chairman Jonas Bauer. Ski Classics is the long distance ski championships, consisting of six of the most prestigious ski events in the world: Jizerská Padesatká in Czech Republic, Marcialonga in Italy, […]

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Oslo to Host 2016 IBU World Championships

Delegates at the 10th Regular IBU Congress in Merano selected Oslo, Norway, as host of the 2016 IBU World Championships and awarded the 2017 IBU World Championships to Hochfilzen, Austria. While Oslo was the only candidate for 2016, Hochfilzen beat the bid from Östersund, Sweden. Both organizing committees cheered enthusiastically once IBU President Anders Besseberg […]

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Marathon Racing and Ski Touring Gains Traction

With 750 new Worldloppet passports sold last season alone, there is no doubt that marathon racing and touring is gaining traction all over the world. Over the course of the 2011-12 season, 125,588 racers completed one or more Worldloppet events. That is the largest number of Worldloppet racers since the Worldloppet organization was founded in […]

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Big week for Weng

“You cant have too much respect for Bjoergen. I felt really good today and there was no point holding back,” Heidi Weng (Madshus) said after the final event of the 3-race week in Aure/Kristiansund (NOR). She literally parked Bjoergen in the grand finale. Weng opened the race week at Toppidrettsveka in Aure (NOR) with a […]

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Rezac wins Czech skier of the year award

Madshus Marathon Team racer Stanislav Rezac edged out ski jumper Roman Koudelka by two votes for the annual award Czech Skier of the Year. Alpine skier Krystof Kryzl was third in the poll. Accordingly, Rezac the best Czech skier for the 2011-12 season. Rezac won the overall FIS Marathon Cup for 2011-12, after winning the […]

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Madshus wraps up yet another amazing season

Madshus continues to improve market share and position. As spring rolls around, Madshus sums up yet another successful season, and we continue to strengthen our position in the Nordic skiing industry.   Products Madshus opened the season at the ISPO fair in Munich by introducing a number of innovative new products and technologies: the new […]

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Rezac wins 2012 FIS Marathon Cup

Madshus Marathon Team racer Stanislav Rezac (CZE) had already nailed the overall victory in the FIS Marathon Cup before he stepped up to the start line for the last event of the season, the 2012 Norwegian Birkebeiner on Saturday. Despite finishing 35th in the Birkebeiner on Saturday, Rezac took home 405 points for the overall […]

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Nakstad, Bach nail SkejtVasa victory

Madshus racers Maria Strøm Nakstad (NOR) won the women’s 45K skate race Friday as she outsprinted competitors Karie Eie (NOR) and Natascia Leonardi (SUI) for the overall victory. Ole Marius Bach (NOR) outsprinted Anders Tettli Rennemo (NOR) and Daniel Myrmalm Helgestad (NOR) by one second in the men’s 45km. Nakstad finished the 45K skate race […]

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