Test run for The Birkie

Geir Ludvig Aasen Ouren (Madshus) delivered a solid performance in the mountain bike race N3-Norefjellstrippelen  on July 2. The race is a part of the multisport event Norefjellstrippelen, which consists of a ski race in April, a mountain bike race in July and a trail run in September.

Aasen Ouren cruised into fifth place in the 70-kilometer N3 mountain bike race, 11 minutes ahead of his arch rival Anders Aukland.

The N3 is considered a brutal fitness test leading up to the Birkebeiner mountain bike race in August. Despite the N3 mountain bike being 70 kilometers long, the athletes post roughly the same finishing times as they do in the 94 kilometer long Birkebeiner.

Aasen Ouren is currently in a strong position to win the legenday triple sport event Birkebeinertrippelen, which he has won twice before.

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Geir Ludvig Aasen Ouren - N3. (Photo courtesy of the event organizers)