Steira: In The Game for Another 3 Years

Steira: In The Game for Another 3 Years
Kristin Størmer Steira. Photo: Inge Scheve

Kristin Størmer Steira is looking forward to the 2014 Olympics, but she does suspect the Sotchi Games will be her last major event.

“The Olympics in Sotchi is three years away. I´m pretty sure that will be my last major event. I´ve been in this business for a long time now,” Kristin Størmer Steira says.

“After the 2014 Olympics, I´ll be 33 years old. I have a degree I want to use, and I want to do different things,” says Steira, who earned a Bachelor degree in Marketing.

Great memories
So far, Steira considers the 2005 World Championships in Oberstdorf the highlight of her career. She was a part of the Norwegian team that took home the gold medal in the 4x5K relay, and she won the bronze medal in the 15K pursuit.

“I remember the 2005 World Championships very well. It was my first individual medal. The whole event was a dream. Everything was on a roll,” she recalls.

Holmenkollen was huge
The 2011 World Championships on home turf in Oslo was also a great experience, Steira says, and the event was the determining factor that made her commit to another three years in the game.

“I had hoped to do a little better results-wise, but considering the injury I was fighting all through the dryland season leading up to the World Championships, I´m actually more content with the results now than I was then. Just being named to the team and being a part of the relay team that won the gold medal was incredible,” Steira says, and admits that she had a rough time leading up to the season.

“The summer and fall last year were hard, but I tuck that away as useful experience,” Steira says.

According to plan
After so much trouble leading up to last season, Steira thoroughly enjoys what has literally been a painless preseason this year. For starters, she has not been injured, and been able to complete all the workouts she has planned and wanted to.

“It´s so good to have summer where I feel like I´ve been able to train according to plan,” says Steira, who is particularly fond of running.

“I love trail running and being able to finish the run on a mountain top,” she says, referring to the women´s national team camp in Os (NOR) earlier this fall.

Tour de Ski
For the upcoming season, which has no major events or championships, FIS Tour de Ski becomes a natural highlight.

“I will focus mainly on specific stages in the Tour de Ski,” Steira says, adding that she will try to have a small fitness peak for the Tour de Ski week in late December.

However, Steira emphasizes that the overall World Cup is her season goal. Accordingly, Steira will try to maintain her performance throughout the season, rather than peak for one specific eve


“This is a season that allows me to be a little more stable throughout. You have to perform equally good the whole winter in order to have a shot at the overall World Cup,” Steira explains.