Golberg delivers in Davos

Norwegian cross-country racer Pål Golberg (Madshus) has entered the international elite circuit with a bang. While the podium finish in Düsseldorf the first weekend in December is the season highlight so far, Davos was another glimpse of what lives within this young Norwegian. Golberg exited after some in the semifinal, leaving the race with eighth place overall.

“I definitely exceeded my own expectations. When I arrived in Düsseldorf, I knew I was in shape, but I also knew that just being fit is no automatic ticket to the podium, Golberg says, adding that he was pleased he was able to race to his potential.

No one-hit-wonder
Despite missing the final in Davos, Golberg has proven that he is here to stay. The upturn at the end of last season was no one-hit-wonder. After two sprint races, Golberg is now fourth in the overall Sprint World Cup. Golberg is a part of the established elite.

“I feel like I’ve improved since last season. I had no problem racing four heats in Düsseldorf, and it was certainly not fitness that spoiled my run here in Davos. But I’ve learned a few things about racing in a pack at the world cup level,” the 21-year-old says.

Tested the Olympic elevation
Competing at the medium elevation in Davos (1560 meters above sea level), Golberg had a chance to see how he responds to the thin air. Looking ahead to the 2014 Olympics, which will take place at a similar elevation, Golberg is not the least worried.

“I could definitely feel the elevation and it made it harder, but I’ve gotten used to it. I actually felt really fresh, and recovered well between the heats. That was a good experience,” Golberg says.

Golberg stays on Davos with the rest of the national team until Thursday. Then they all travel to Rogla (SLO) for the world Cup races December 17 and 18. After that, Golberg’s next goal is Tour de Ski, which starts on December 29.


Pål Golberg. Photo: Nordic Focus