Brink wins season opener in Sweden

Madshus Marathon Team racer Jörgen Brink (SWE) won the 20 kilometer rollerski race in Örnsköldsvik (SWE) last weekend by the skin of his teeth – and some skin off his body as well.

After a controlled start, Brink had worked his way into the race, and on the third lap, he finally had a slight gap on the field. But some gravel on the course caused him to slide out on the sharpest corner of the course.

“I didn’t break any legs or poles, but a have some solid scratches from the fall,” Brink says, noting that the most annoying part was losing the lead. “I had to start over again and work my way back up,” he says.

However, Brink crossed the finish line two seconds ahead of Anders Svanebo (SWE) for the overall win.

“It felt fine for the first race, even though I wasn’t always entirely in control of the gear,” says Brink, who has won Vasaloppet three times in a row with his recent victory in March.

Brink continued with a second place in rollerski race “Hallstarull” on Sunday, 10 seconds out of first place. The race consisted of two parts: First a classic uphill race, followed by a pursuit skate race up the same hill an hour later.

“I was hoping to ski faster today, but I am starting to feel the toll of the training intensity and volume,” Brink admits, and adds that this week includes five more intensity workouts.

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Jörgen Brink at Hallstarullen where he finished second.