3x World Cup Podiums


Heidi Weng (NOR) was so thrilled with her 2nd place in the 10km Classic in Lahti (FIN) World Cup this weekend that she cried for joy. Photo: Nordic Focus


Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg, Heidi Weng and Magnus Moan secure three World Cup podiums at the Lahti Winter Games in Finland this weekend.


Oestberg (NOR) took second place, 14 seconds behind Bjoergen’s winning time of 2:59.79 in the skate sprint at the Lahti Winter Games on Saturday.


“Second place is really good and my best result in Lahti. After the start in the final I had to fight to get back to Marit. She was stronger in the home stretch. I felt Kikkan and Jessie were coming from behind. I am happy for Kikkan to be back.” Oesteberg said after her race at the 90th Lahti Ski Games.


Oestberg recently returned from the 2015 FIS World Championships in Falun (SWE) with a gold medal in the team sprint and


On Sunday, Heidi Weng (NOR) continued what Oestberg had started: she posted another strong podium finish for Madshus, with second place in the 10-kilometer classic event in Lahti.


“It is amazing for me to be back on the podium,” Weng said after her race, admitting that she was less than satisfied with her results at the FIS World Championships in Falun (SWE) in February.


“The World Championships did not go as I hoped, and it is great to be back. I was so happy at the finish today,” said Weng, who cried for joy at the finish.


“Finally, I feel like all the pieces came together again,” Weng told reporters after her race, adding that she likes the Finnish venue.


“Lahti is a great place for me.”


Weng is now third overall in both the distance World Cup and the overall World Cup this season going into the next World Cup rounds at home in Norway.


Magnus Moan helped Norway to third place in the Nordic Combined team sprint on Saturday, only a second out of second place.