The Double-Pole Revolution

The Double-Pole Revolution
Meet the all new Madshus Propulsion. Photo: Stefano Zatta/
Meet the all new Madshus Propulsion. Photo: Stefano Zatta/

What is a double-pole ski, and do you need a pair?

Madshus is launching a brand new double-pole classic ski for the 2016-17 season: Madshus Propulsion, which is a part of the top racing REDLINE series. But what exactly is a double-pole ski?

How does the Propulsion differ from other classic skis?
“Double-pole skis are engineered differently than traditional classic skis,” explains Per Wiik, who is the Marketing Manager at Madshus.

Traditional classic skis are designed to offer the optimal combination of glide and kick. The basic principle is that the ski is flattened to the snow and stopped for each kick, before accelerating into a new glide phase.

When double-poling, the skis are never stopped in order to generate speed by kicking. Accordingly, double-pole skis are engineered from the ground up based on the physics of first getting up to speed quickly and then maintaining that momentum without a kick.

“Double-pole skis are designed to accelerate quickly, float easily, maintain that overall high speed. At the same time, they need to be stable and easy to maneuver in a mass start with frequent lane changes. These are significant differences,” Wiik says.

Hence our tag line: “Maintain the Momentum.”

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John Kristian Dahl won Vasaloppet 2014 - in his first season on the marathon circuit. Photo: Madshus
John Kristian Dahl, who has won Vasaloppet twice, has been an important contributor to the development of the all new Madshus Propulsion double-pole ski. Photo: Madshus

Not just for the professional marathon racers
Wiik believes the new breed of double-pole specific classic skis have a huge potential also beyond the professional long-distance racers, as more and more recreational racers are eager to ditch the kick wax.

“We are already seeing a growing number of recreational racers double-poling classic marathons such as Vasaloppet, Marcialonga and even the Norwegian Birkebeiner. For these skiers, switching to a double-pole specific ski will offer a better experience and make double-poling more enjoyable,” Wiik says.

Key features Madshus Propulsion

  • Fast acceleration camber: a flex and camber style developed to facilitate fast acceleration in uphill and flat terrain
  • 3D Geometry: a brand new 3D geometry that improves the pressure distribution throughout the entire ski
  • Tip splay technology: optimized pressure distribution delivers high speed on long descents
  • Low tip: reduces the swing weight of the ski and preserves energy
The new Madshus Propulsion features a lower tip for better handling. Photo: Stefano Zatta/
The new Madshus Propulsion features a lower tip for better handling. Photo: Stefano Zatta/