How do you roll?

How do you roll?
Heidi Weng at Lysebotn OPP, the annual uphill race at the BLINK summer ski festival. Photo: Blink

Long roller ski sessions are among Heidi Weng’s favorite summer workouts. But she is picky about the terrain, and prefers sticking to roads she knows well, and where traffic is sparse.

“My favorite summer roller ski workout is a long over-distance at easy effort in the area around my parents house in Enebakk. There is hardly any traffic there, and the terrain is perfect for roller skiing with gently rolling hills. There are enough hills to make it interesting, but no scary descents and nothing too steep anywhere. I don’t like steep descents on roller skis,” Weng says.

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However, while perfect for long distance workouts, the same terrain is less suited for interval sessions.

“It’s impossible to get your heart rate up in this terrain, for the same reason: There are no steep hills,” she adds.

For hard intervals on roller skis, Weng prefers to use roller ski-specific venues, which are closed to traffic.

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