Discover Madshusland

MADSHUSLAND: Freshly groomed trails on a crisp winter morning. Photo: Kent Murdoch

Freshly groomed trails on a crisp winter morning. A full moon illuminating your trail on a midnight ski, turning it into soft blue velvet.

Thick crust on an early spring morning, the kind of crust that allows you to cruise everywhere you desire for hours, while the rising sun turns the snow into fields of diamonds.

Watching the sun melt the snow on the roof and transforming the snow into droplets that hit the porch with a steady plop-plop sound.

Madshus land is where this kind of magic happens. Welcome to our playground.

These are some of our Madshus land places. Where is your Madshus land? Feel free to share your paradise: #Madshusland

The low December sun creates some special moments. Photo: Inge Scheve
Late January frozen bliss. Photo: Inge Scheve
March is magic. Photo: Inge Scheve