“Made in Norway” is more than just information

“Made in Norway” is more than just information
“Made in Norway” means that your skis are built on pride and innovation.  Photo: Stefano Zatta

When it comes to cross-country skiing, “Made in Norway” means that your skis are built on a special kind of pride, desire to innovate, craftsmanship, experience and tradition. At Madshus, we have built skis for more than a century because we are passionate about skiing. Let us explain the power of passion.

The power of innovation
At Madshus, we are constantly striving to improve. Backed by tradition and experience, but driven by desire to be the best and define the industry, we are constantly searching for ways to make even faster, lighter and better skis. That’s why we partner with the top research facilities, the best skiers and the most innovative engineers. Our headquarters in Norway is located right in heart of the action. Being so close to our target market is the key that enables us to stay on top of our game.

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Peter Blom testing skis at Sjusjøen in April. Photo: Stefano Zatta

The power of perfection
Based on the intensive research, the best feedback and meticulous testing, we travel the world to find the best materials to make the fastest bases, the lightest and liveliest construction and the most responsive skis on the market.

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Roger Dahl puts the same attention and precision into every ski he grinds, whether the ski belongs to Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Heidi Weng or a recreational skier. Photo: Stefano Zatta

The power of experience
Founded in 1906, Madshus is the world’s oldest ski manufacturer still in business, and the only ski factory in Norway with a full line of cross-country skis: from World Cup-level equipment to citizen race skis and top-level junior race skis, to touring skis and backcountry skis, as well as skis for your children’s first strides – we design and engineer all our skis at the factory in Biri, Norway, with test tracks practically out the door.

So when your skis say “Made in Norway,” you know you are powered by passion. Take a look behind the scenes!