The future is bright

The future is bright
Harald Østberg Amundsen is one of ten Madshus racers named to the Norwegian national team to the FIS U23/Junior Nordic World Championships taking place in Lahti (FIN) this week. Photo: Nordic Focus

Madshus is present with a huge squad at the ongoing 2019 FIS U23/Junior Nordic World Championships.

The World Championships, which are taking place in Lahti (FIN), opened last Sunday with a strong team of Madshus racers on the start lines.

The Norwegian junior women’s team consists of four Madshus racers, the U23 men’s team features three Madshus racers and the U23 women’s team has three Madshus racers. Additionally, there are several Madshus skiers on other national teams, including those of Sweden and the United States.

At the 2019 IBU Youth/Junior World Championships, 11 Madshus racers make up more than half of the Norwegian national team. The events take place in Osrblie, Slovakia, from January 26 to February 2.

“We are proud that Madshus racers nearly half of the Norwegian teams to the 2019 World Championships. We invest heavily in supporting up-and-coming racers, and it’s super exciting to see them succeed and get named to the championship teams,” says Per Wiik, Global marketing director at Madshus.

“By being named to the teams, these athletes have already proven themselves with solid results over time, and are certainly racers we will hear more about for years to come.”

2019 FIS U23 and Junior World Championships race schedule
Sunday, January 20: Sprint (classic) junior women/men
Monday, January 21: Sprint (classic), U23 women/men
Tuesday, January 22: 5km/10km (skate), junior women/men
Wednesday, January 23: 10km/15km (skate), U23 women/men
Thursday, January 24: 15km/30km (classic), junior women/men
Friday, January 25: 15km/30km (classic), U23 women/men
Saturday, January 26: Relay 4×3.3km/ 4x5km, junior women/men

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