What a medal party!

What a medal party!
Marte Carlson Møller (center) and Maren Bakken (right) won the women’s relay and both took home individual medals at the 2019 IBU Youth World Championships.

Madshus juniors clean up at the biathlon and Nordic World Championships, taking home a total of 20 medals. The breakdown: 10 gold medals, two silver medals and eight bronze medals for the two events combined. Congratulations!

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The 2019 FIS Nordic U23 and Junior World Championships took place in Lahti, Finland, from Jan 20-26, with Madshus racers taking home three gold, two silver and three bronze medals.

– Norway: Astrid Stav and Helene Marie Fossesholm won the junior women’s relay
– USA: Ben Ogden won the junior men’s relay

– Helene Marie Fossesholm (NOR), junior women 5-kilometer skating
– Helene Marie Fossesholm (NOR), junior women 15-kilometer classic mass start

– Sweden: Louise Lindström and Tilde Bångman were third in the junior women’s relay
– Germany: Jakob Milz was third in the junior men’s relay

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Ben Ogden (second from the left) with the rest of the USA Junior World Championships relay team in Lahti (FIN). Photo: USSA

The 2019 IBU Youth and Junior World Championships took place in Osrblie, Slovakia, from January 26 to February 2, with Madshus racers earning seven gold and five bronze medals.

– Ukaleq Slettemark (Greenland) won the youth women’s 10-kilometer individual competition and earned the first-ever biathlon world championship medal for Greenland.
– Norway: Maren Bakken and Marte Carlson Møller won the youth women’s relay.
– Hans Koelliner (GER) won the youth men’s relay.
– Maren Bakken (NOR), 6-kilometer youth women’s sprint.
– Vebjørn Sørum (NOR), 10-kilometer junior men’s sprint.
– Vebjørn Sørum, 12.5-kilometer junior men’s pursuit.

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Ukaleq Slettemark won the first ever biathlon World Championship medal for Greenland.

– Maren Bakken (NOR), 7.5-kilometer youth women’s pursuit.
– Marte Carlson Møller (NOR), 6-kilometer youth women’s sprint.
– Vetle Rype Paulsen (NOR), 10-kilometer youth men’s pursuit
– Sivert Bakken (NOR), 10-kilometer junior men’s sprint.
– Sivert Bakken (NOR), 12.5-kilometer junior men’s pursuit.

Vebjørn Sørum (NOR) and Sivert Bakken (NOR) took home two gold medals and two silver medals, respectively, from the 2019 IBU Junior World Championships.
Vetle Rype Paulsen (NOR) was third in the 10-kilometer youth men’s pursuit at the 2019 IBU Youth World Championships.