What’s new with boots this year?

What’s new with boots this year?
2019-20 Madshus Redline boots: Classic (left) and skate (right).

This year’s Redline boots is the result of two and a half years of intense research and development, pushing some of the lightest, most comfortable high performance boots on the market to another level.

“There are lots of updates to our top of the line boots this season. To make the perfect boot you have to nail the balance between weight, performance and comfort, and I’m really proud of the boots we are launching this year,” says Martin Berge, who is the product manager for boots at Madshus.

He explains that arriving on this perfect combination is a long and tedious process.

“When developing the perfect boot, we focus on keeping and carrying over the features we like from the previous models, identifying the areas we wish to improve and determining which areas and aspects we have to modify to achieve that,” Berge says.

So specifically, what are we looking at this season?
For starters, the full lineup – classic, skate and pursuit boots, are significantly lighter than the previous models, but also more comfortable, more anatomically correct and easier to adjust.

One of the most important differences is a new carbon sole that’s lighter and more anatomically correct.

For the classic boots, the already remarkably flexible outsole is now even softer. “The more flexible outsole delivers an even better feel for the wax pocket or skin, which allows for a more powerful and precise kick,” Berge explains.

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2019-20 Madshus Redline Classic boot.

Similarly, the skate and pursuit boots feature a new Xcelerator sole that is 2 millimeters closer to the ground, providing better contact with the surface and greater stability, which again translates to more power for each push-off, and more speed down the track.

The boots also have a new upper with memory foam around the heel counter, which makes the boot adapt more easily to each individual foot shape, and the RevoWrap construction has been replaced with the Madshus lacing fingers system.

“The memory foam wraps around your heel and keeps your foot in the ideal position, while the lacing fingers system allows you to tighten the boot to fit snugly and more like a running shoe, Berge says.

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2019-20 Madshus Redline Skate boot.

Finally, the skate and pursuit boots have a taller inner boot, making them both more stable and more comfortable.

“At Madshus, we strive to push the limits and define the industry by leading the innovation in all of our product categories,” Berge says.

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2019-20 Madshus Redline Skiathlon boot.