Sivert Wiig and Karoline Simpson-Larsen sign contracts with Madshus

Sivert Wiig and Karoline Simpson-Larsen sign contracts with Madshus

Madshus is proud to present two exciting young racers as part of Team Madshus 2021-22: Norwegian sprint specialist Sivert Wiig is new to the team starting this season, while Karoline Simpson-Larsen (NOR) extends her contract with Madshus.

Both are part of the Norwegian regional team Elon Vest, and both are chasing a spot on the Olympic team for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing, as well as the FIS Cross-Country World Cup.

Aiming that high is also their main reason for choosing to sign with Madshus: To be the best, you need to race on the best equipment.

“I’m super confident that Madshus skis will help me get to the next level. Madshus Redline skate skis are incredibly stable and reliable, and really allow me to take advantage of my strengths. Also, with the two versions, the F2 for hard pack and F3 for softer conditions, I’m really well set for all conditions,” says Sivert Wiig, adding that the same goes for the Redline classic skis.

“It’s really easy to get bomber kick with the Redline classic skis, and at the same time, they have amazing glide and never feel like they are dragging the wax,” Wiig explains.

In February, Wiig was named as an alternate to the Norwegian national team for the 2021 World Championships in Oberstdorf (GER). This year, the ambitious 23-year-old aims for the Olympics as well as the World Cup.

“My main goal is to establish myself firmly among the top on the World Cup, but it was definitely an exciting experience to be at the World Championships, even though I didn’t get to race this time. So, the dream is to make the Olympic team, and that’s of course always in the back of my mind,” Wiig says.

Madshus Global Marketing Director Per Wiik is excited to welcome Wiig to Team Madshus.

“Sivert (Wiig) is a very interesting racer. At 23, he is a racer for the future, but we firmly believe he has a good chance at making the Olympic team already this year for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing,” says Wiik.

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Sivert Wiig (NOR) at the World Cup in Falun, Sweden (SWE) in January 2021. Photo: Nordic Focus

Karoline Simpson-Larsen was never in doubt about renewing her contract with Madshus, and continues to chase her Olympic dreams on Madshus skis and boots.

“The Madshus equipment is incredibly good, but so is their service and support. They always pick amazing skis for me, I don’t have to worry about my equipment no matter where I race, and the Madshus race crew are always there to assist with testing and tuning if I need anything,” Simpson-Larsen says.

For her, Madshus role as the leading brand on innovation, research and development is also a factor in her choice of equipment manufacturer.

“I’m really excited about the effort Madshus puts into advancing the technology and solutions, and I know that all this goes into the products we race on,” Simpson-Larsen says.

The 23-year-old has delivered solid results both nationally and internationally the last couple of seasons. While she missed part of the season this year, Simpson-Larsen posted results that would have put her the mix for the Norwegian 2021 World Championship team, and Madshus is excited that she is choosing to stay on Team Madshus.

“Karoline is a super-talented young athlete with a huge potential, and she also a great ambassador for our brand,” Madshus Global Marketing Director Per Wiik.