K2 Redline: Check out how the World Cup racers roll in style

K2 Redline: Check out how the World Cup racers roll in style


In order to build the lightest, most technically advanced inline roller skates, K2 teamed up with Madshus top ski boot engineers. The result is a top-of-the-line carbon marathon inline roller skate that redefines the industry standard for racing inline skates.

The new K2 x Madshus Redline 125 and K2 x Madshus Redline 110 inline skates are based on much of the same technology, construction and materials as Madshus World Cup level ski boots, and founded on the Madshus Redline philosophy: No compromises. Spare no expense or effort to achieve the best possible product.

K2 Redline inline skates are designed for competitive marathon inline skaters, and are available in two models: The K2 x Madshus Redline 125 with three 125mm-diameter wheels, and the K2 x Madshus Redline 110 with four 110mm-diameter wheels.

Both models are based on the same carbon sole as the Madshus Redline Skate ski boot, but comes with a highly breathable upper in place of the ski boot’s insulated softshell upper. The carbon ankle cuff is removable, allowing the racers to decide whether they need or prefer a short or a tall skate.

Add to that some ultra-fast, carbon flash disc wheels with some of the world’s smoothest bearings, and you got a skate that’s truly exceptional and seriously fast.

Full specs on both K2 x Madshus Redline models 

Enticing to skiers
K2 x Madshus Redline is primarily developed to suit the needs of competitive marathon inline skate racers, but several World-Cup level skiers have been enticed by the new lightweight carbon skates.

Cross-country world champion Helene Marie Fossesholm (NOR) and biathlon world champion Sturla Holm Lægreid (NOR) are two of them. Both find the new K2 x Madshus Redline inline skates to be a playful and fun alternative activity.

K2 x Madshus Redline 125 is three-wheel “Tri-skate” with a carbon based boot and 125mm disk wheels. CCBoyle Photography

Adds variety
Fossesholm envisions using inline skating as a supplement to her regular training program during the dryland season, a way to add more variety into her recovery routines, and above all: for fun.

Fossesholm point out that if you add ski poles, inline skating becomes a great all-body workout.

What do you think of the new K2 x Madshus Redline skates?
“I first got my hands on a pair of the K2 Redline skates at the start of the summer, and they’re just awesome. Inline skating is super fun, and it’s a good workout too,” Fossesholm says.

Will inline skating be a part of your training program now?
“I really believe in variety, so I will certainly use them quite a bit for just general fitness sessions.”

At the same time, Fossesholm notes that although inline skating is a great overall fitness workout, they won’t be replacing her roller skis.

“Roller skiing is a lot more like cross-country skiing than inline skating. The wheels on the skates are fixed to the skate boot, so inline skates don’t give you the free heeling-effect that you get on skis and roller skis. So, I will continue to roller ski for my technique and ski-specific dryland workouts,” she explains.

Additionally, Fossesholm doesn’t think she will be using inline skates for long distance workouts. On these two-to three-hour sessions, she will prioritize ski-specific training methods that more directly carry over to cross-country skiing.

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Helene Fossesholm during the uphill race at the annual Blink Summer ski festival. Photo: Hilde Siewers

Brings back good memories
For Sturla Holm Lægreid, who became the uncontested king of the 2021 IBU Biathlon World Championships last winter, the new K2 x Madshus Redline inline skates are all about fun and play time.

Had you ever tried inline skating before you got on the K2 x Madshus Redline skates?
“No, never! This is the very first time I try inline skating. But I used to play bandy when I was younger, and I have a lot of good memories from that time. So inline skating is really fun, as it brings back those memories and reminds me of when I was playing bandy,” says the 24-year-old, who first entered the IBU World Cup in 2020.

Will inline skating be a part of your training program now?
“I use the inline skates mainly for fun. The technique is slightly different from skiing, so I have to focus on completing the workouts in my training program as usual, on roller skis. But inline skating is a lot of fun, and very playful, so I will definitely get on them when I have time. And after all, all training is good training,” Lægreid says.

Sturla Holm Lægreid earned his first ever World Championship gold medal in the mixed relay in Pokljuka (SLO) on Wednesday, February 10. Photo: Nordic Focus