For the past three seasons, Madshus has supported a marathon racing team as a part of our strategy to focus on marathon and distance racing in our core markets.

“Last season, our marathon racers won Maricalonga, Vasaloppet and Birkebeinerrennet, just to mention a few. In several of the Marathon Cup races, Madshus skiers placed second and third as well,” says Per Wiik, Global Marketing Director with Madshus AS in Biri, Norway.

“Of course, we have huge expectations for the upcoming season as well, given our strong marathon team and skis that we know deliver in the conditions they will encounter on the marathon cup. We know our team will dominate this season too, taking home victories and podium finishes in Vasaloppet and Birkebeinerrennet in 2012 as well,” he says, adding that anything less would be out of the ordinary.

Madshus Marathon team has swept the podiums at the FIS Marathon Cup events, helping themselves to hardware, fame and glory in every single FIS Marathon Cup race last season, Wiik says. (Story continues below)

Jörgen Brink (SWE) won Vasaloppet 2011. Photo:

The team includes amazing racers such as Jerry Ahrlin (SWE/Team Xtra Personell), Jörgen Brink (SWE/Team United Bakeries), Stanislav Rezac (CZE), Susanne Nyström (SWE/Team Exspirit), Rikard Andreasson (SWE/Team Exspirit) Thomas Alsgaard (NOR/Team United Bakeries) and Anders Myrland (NOR/Team United Bakeries).

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Jörgen Brink won Vasaloppet for the third time in a row,” Wiik says, noting that the reliable Swede has looked strong throughout the summer and fall training.

“As the marathon circuit continues to grow and gain traction among skiers of all stripes and ambitions as well as in the media, Madshus is determined to have a strong presence where our customers and core markets are,” Wiik says, explaining that Madshus has carefully selected a team of strong marathon racers to be our ambassadors on the marathon circuit.

Additionally, Madshus is also a major sponsor of the Norwegian Birkebeinerrennet, the Czech Marathon Cup race Jizerska Padesatka and Norwegian classics Skarverennet and Finansavisrennet.

“Partnering with these major marathon events is an important step of our strategy to be present at the arenas where our core customers are,” Wiik says.


Stanislav Rezac (CZE) went all the way at the 2011 Marcialonga. Next to him: Thomas Alsgaard (NOR). Photo: